The In and Outs of Orthopedic Medical Billing Services

Medical billing software is necessary for any orthopedic practice, no matter the size. Whether a small, medium-sized, or large clinic, a streamlined way to process patient and health insurance payments is essential.

For those who regularly process claims with insurance companies, having a well-functioning software is essential. A well-built billing program is especially important when you need to appeal some claims. But, the software will take a dedicated team to keep it up and running at peak performance.  Most orthopedic clinics don’t have the time or knowledge to manage the upkeep of the billing service. Instead, many practices choose to outsource and find an independent team for their orthopedic medical billing services.

Whether you’re on the fence about outsourcing, or you’re looking to switch partners, let’s go over how your company will grow through hiring a sovereign organization.

How Would My Practice Benefit from Outsourcing Orthopedic Medical Billing Services

An independent company can focus its full attention on paying you and your staff. With this level of focus, the outsourced team can accomplish these tasks quicker and more efficiently. The delegation frees up your employees to concentrate on providing excellent orthopedic services.  A high-quality orthopedic medical billing services company also will help you send payment reminders. It can improve your fee collection with graceful reminders.

You also receive a plethora of benefits if you carefully choose your business partner. Our team at C&C Medical Administration Inc helps clients in a variety of ways. Our staff provides partners payments anywhere from 7 to 14 days earlier than average. We have a 98% success rate filing claims. Plus, our company gives complimentary EHR. Our team maintains your billing software to prevent coding mistakes and fix them ASAP. C&C Medical Administration Inc is an ICD-10, HIPAA, and MU certified organization.

How Do Practitioners Get Started?

When choosing a medical billing services company, keep your eye open for a few factors. Before making any decision, check the track record of the companies you’re considering. Make sure that you are satisfied with the past work of the billing business before contacting them.  Also, look at the fees the companies charge and choose the one that fully suits your practice and budget.  From there, think about what your orthopedic practice particularly needs in the billing department. Not all payment software function the same. Consider both what you currently need and what you would need in the future to expand your practice.

Customer service is essential to making the billing software process run smoothly. Unless you already know how to operate the program you’re interested in, you’ll need a team to support you. Everyone has questions, doubts, or issues that arise during the payment software installation process. When shopping for a billing company, prioritize dependable customer service.

What Is At the Core of Your System?

The section here will deep-dive into what the essential of C&C Medical Administration Inc’s software includes and how we can benefit your practice.  The company stands by our motto of optimizing clients’ reimbursements first and foremost. Our team focuses on your orthopedic practice before anything else. With a specialized focus on orthopedic medical billing services, we custom-tailor our program solutions to suit the needs of your clinic. From there, C&C works with clients to help them expand and grow. Our team focuses not only on medical coding but also on physician billing and insurance claims.

Our team prides itself on the live updates that we provide to clients. With no additional upfront or backend costs, C&C Medical Administration Inc gives clients regular system updates. We are consistently troubleshooting and problem-solving whatever issues for our partners. No matter which software and programs you choose, our team will work with you to provide exceptional service.

The C&C Medical Administration Inc System Tools

The orthopedic medical billing services offered by C&C Medical Administration Inc vary depending on the needs of your orthopedic clinic. Our team works directly with you as a partner to determine which software will work best for your practice.

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Our company gives complimentary EHR software to all of our partners. Electronic health records are some of the most reputable medical record solutions in use. However, problems still arise. Not only do we troubleshoot issues, but we also help clients customize how their EHR system operates.

Choice Pay – Merchant Account Services

One of the programs available to clients is Choice Pay. The software allows physicians to collect monies from patients with ease.

The system focuses on accurately calculating the out-of-pocket fees the patient must pay, securely keeping their payment information, and scheduling payments.

QuickCollect – Collections

For smaller orthopedic practices, the team works as a collection agency through QuickCollect. C&C gently reaches out to indebted clients to process payments to avoid a more direct approach unless necessary.

CodeRite – Medical Coding Services

In the modern world, technology can help to manage medical records, files, and a variety of other aspects. While convenient and safe-to-use, coding technology is complicated.

Though you and your staff are highly qualified orthodontists, coding is a different field entirely. Our team utilizes CodeRite to balance revenue optimization with steadfast compliance with HIPAA.

Audit Guard

Our orthopedic medical billing services help clients maintain their HIPAA compliance status with Audit Guard. C&C Medical Administration Inc combines flawless auditing with increasing the reimbursement rate of their partners.

iDoc Now

One of the main benefits of e filing for medical records is improved accessibility. With electronic files, healthcare providers and staff can access patient information from anywhere with an internet connection. This eliminates the need for physical file cabinets and allows multiple users to access the same file simultaneously.

Another advantage is increased security. Electronic files can be encrypted and backed up regularly to prevent data breaches or loss due to natural disasters. This ensures that sensitive patient information remains confidential and protected.

Finally, e filing provides a more efficient workflow for medical professionals. Searching for specific patient information or tracking down missing files can take significant time when using physical copies. E filing allows for quick searches, organization, and retrieval of documents with just a few clicks, saving valuable time and resources.

iDocsNow can help you file and store your medical paperwork electronically. We convert your paper documents to electronic images, for you to access 24/7. Our team provides you with the iDoc Now program to meet the ever-changing demands of patient care.

Auto Card – Medical Marketing

Postcards are an excellent way to boost medical marketing efforts, as they allow healthcare providers to reach out to their patients in a more personal and engaging manner. These cards can be used for a variety of purposes, such as announcing the opening of a new clinic or promoting special health services. They can also serve as reminders for patients about upcoming appointments or preventive healthcare measures.

One of the main advantages of postcards in medical marketing is that they offer high visibility and ease of distribution. Since postcards do not require envelopes, they can be easily distributed through direct mail campaigns, handed out at events or placed on display in waiting rooms. Postcards also have a higher open rate than other forms of direct mail like letters or brochures since the message is already visible from the outside.

Lastly, postcards provide ample space for eye-catching graphics and concise messages that convey important information effectively. Healthcare providers can use bright colors and bold fonts to grab attention while emphasizing key points with bullet points or headlines. This allows them to communicate essential details about their services while still keeping it visually appealing and easy to read. Overall, postcards are a cost-effective yet powerful tool for boosting medical marketing efforts that should not be overlooked by healthcare providers looking to expand their patient base.

Auto Card helps physicians stay in touch with regular patients. Several times a year, the auto card software sends out personalized brochures, letters, etc. to patients.

Looking for a Professional? Call Us Today

Our team is not a legal advisor, meaning that we cannot help in auto insurance and chiropractic situations. However, we can assist partners with all other aspects of medical billing. If you’re looking for a dedicated team to handle your orthopedic medical billing services, call our office today.

C&C Medical Administration Inc provides free practice analyses to all of their potential clients. You can contact us via phone or email, or set up an appointment to talk to our team in person!

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