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Medical Office Marketing – Auto Card

Medical Office Marketing: There is a downward trend is the tendencies and abilities of doctors to keep up with previous patients. The Autocard marketing service avails physicians and healthcare providers the opportunity to make and dispatch personalized greeting cards, brochures and postcard to a database of current patient.

At C & C Medical Administration, Inc. , our professionals can even structure Autocards for you that automatically send these cards at specified intervals throughout the year.

You can increase appointments and build upon the valuable relationships you have with your patients. We will set up campaigns based on your needs with a wide variety of options: flu shot reminders, back-to-school physicals, yearly check-up reminders, and even follow-up cards to ensure your patients continue to choose you for their healthcare needs.


Automated Campaigns
 Increase Patient Satisfaction
 No Hassles, Big Results
 Improve Patient Retention
 Increase Appointments
 Improve Cash Flow

At C & C Medical Administration, Inc. , our solutions are effective and practical. Try one speak to a medical billing expert for free now