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Medical Billing Company: Revenue Cycle Management

Take the hassle out of medical billing! Our professional medical billing company helps small to medium-sized offices outsource their billing tasks quickly, efficiently, and accurately. Get started today!

Medical Billing

A Medical Billing Company Working to Increase Profitability

Medical Billing Company: Still wondering why to outsource with C & C Medical Admin?

 Get Paid Faster (7- 14 Days Average)
 98% + Success Rate

 EHR System Included
 Stop Coding Mistakes
 ICD-10, HIPAA, MU Certified
 Save Time and Money
 Integrated Clearing House
 Denial Management
 Guarantee Against Audits

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Every physician and healthcare providers deserves to be paid and deserves to receive full comprehensive reports from insurance claims. Us, as a medical billing company effortlessly avails our customers of a smooth integration feature with, scheduling, eligibility, insurance as well as a comprehensive report system. With our medical billing outsourcing services and iClaim solutions you get to: 

Enjoy real time access –Our medical revenue services is internet-based. This means you have unrivaled information and access to your data from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our medical billing processes allows real-time access that allows healthcare facilities explore every part of their billing cycle, denials, coding, charges, statements and much more anytime, anywhere with greater efficiency. Improved reporting to make smarter decisions.

With C & C medical Administration being a rcm team (Revenue Cycle Management Company), office staff get access to hundreds of reports on the go and with a simple touch of the button. This service opens up data to you anytime you need it, thus indulging you with the ability to consult, keep your private practice at your fingertips and make better decisions for your business at any point in a timely manner. 

Faster claim payments – Our reputation guarantees that your medical claims are always paid on first attempts with a 98% success rate. The system also guarantees a faster fund payment and our medical billing software has one of the highest acceptance rate in the business thus leaving you with little or no unpaid claims.

We Do Outsourcing and Management Services for Small and Midsize Muti-Specialty Practices

Premium Medical Revenue Services

Looking to outsource your medical billing?

We don’t blame you. Medical billing is exhausting and time-consuming. It overwhelms your staff with paperwork, shifting attention away from your medical services . More practices are resorting to medical revenue services. They find that it’s much easier to turn this work over to a experienced Medical billing company. Not only does this allow staff to focus on providing great care, but compared to typical administrative staff, medical billing companies prevent errors and process your claims faster. This increases profits and makes your practice run more smoothly.

Are you planning to outsource medical billing because it will save time and make your life easier? 

Good news, you’re making the right decision. That being said, you don’t want to use just any practice management system. You want to work with a professional to fulfill your medical billing needs, well-established company that cares about your practice’s success.

C & C Medical Administration Inc. provides comprehensive medical billing to countless physicians. With our leading-edge technology we can offer customized solutions to best cater to your unique practice at a affordable price. With us, you’ll see increased profits and have the peace of mind to focus on patients. See what our medical billing outsourcing is all about! Get started by clicking the button below for our free practice analysis. We’ll ask for some basic info and use it to determine which solutions are best for your practice.

Then, we’ll show you a 20-minute demo video. You’ll see exactly how our services work and how they can make your life easier!


How to Choose a Medical Billing Outsourcing Company

In-House Billing system : Issues You May Encounter

Many small practices insist on doing their medical billing internally. They set up an electronic health records (EHR) system and train their staff to use it. These practices have used this in-house method for years. It gets the job done, but it comes with its fair share of problems.

First off, physicians have to spend lots of time and money teaching their staff how to use the emr software. If their staff has a high turnover rate, it can get expensive to train new employees. That being said, practices with high retention rates still have to worry about paying additional fees for training. Employees need to be aware of the latest medical billing changes, regulations, coding, etc. 

It Has High Training Costs

It’s Time-Consuming

Aside from training costs, internal billing is time-consuming. 

Your staff spends hours performing data entry, preparing billing claims, contacting insurance companies, etc. It’s monotonous work that can put stress on your staff. And, this work takes them away from other tasks. They don’t have as much time to educate patients, respond to inquiries, and do other things that make your practice run.

When you have an in-house team managing your billing, it limits your profits. That is because you’re paying employees to manage your billing when they could be doing other work, and you have to invest in continuous training. But, it’s also because an in-house team isn’t as efficient as partnering with RCM services.

It can’t automate processes and is more likely to make errors. This makes payments slower and reduces the possibility that insurance companies pay them in full. Limited profits are perhaps the most compelling argument against internal billing. After all, you are a business, and you need to make money to thrive.

It Limits Your Profits

Why Do Your Medical Practice Need Medical Revenue Services?

Many physicians are hesitant to outsource to medical billing companies. They fear losing control over their revenue cycle management process. Others worry about giving data to a third-party provider. Some are just traditionalists. While many practices don’t treat it as such, medical billing is a full-time job.

You shouldn’t assign billing to administrative staff juggling other responsibilities. They often don’t have the time nor resources to do it properly. Instead, medical billing outsourcing is your best bet. These professionals make billing their full-time job and willing to go the extra mile, giving it the attention it deserves. They optimize it by using their expertise and top-of-the-line software. 

When you work with professionals, you’ll be amazed at how efficient medical billing becomes. 

They automate insurance verification, meaning you don’t have to wait around on insurance companies to get back to you. And, you’ll have immediate access to patient info. You can see if they’re eligible for a claim, if they’ve maxed out their visits for a certain illness/injury, etc.  

All of this helps avoid mistakes, meaning insurance companies will process your claims faster. You won’t be waiting around for months to get reimbursements. Many practices dream of having a steady cash flow that medical billing companies deliver. Helping to  prevent physicians burnout.

It Will Improve Efficiency

It Will Increase Profits

Some physicians don’t want to outsource because they fear it’s too expensive. But, as we’ve seen, an in-house team comes with its fair share of costs. Trust us: outsourcing will be well worth the initial expense:

  • It limits much of your in-house expenses.  You will no longer have to pay your employees to handle medical billing. They’ll be free to handle other tasks related to your practice. 
  • You won’t have to worry about capital expenses.  The web-based solutions mean you don’t need to invest in additional software, upgrades, etc. 
  • Revenue cycle management companies are fantastic at optimizing your profits. They use their experience and advanced technology to bill at the highest possible rate. This maximizes your reimbursements in a way that in-house teams usually can’t. Filing manually makes it much harder to recognize these revenue opportunities.

With a company managing your billing, your staff will thank you. They won’t spend as much time dealing with insurance companies or going through EHR training. 

Even better is that your staff will have more time for your patients. They’ll be able to focus on providing customer service, answering questions, responding to inquiries, and much more. These tasks keep your office running smoothly, allowing you to provide the best care possible. You’ll set yourself apart from competitors and continue to exceed patients’ expectations. 

It Will Improve Patient Care


So, you’ve realized how crucial medical revenue services are to your practice’s success.

There are lots of medical billing companies out there. You need to find a great one that meshes well with your practice. You don’t want to get stuck with a subpar, unqualified company that will only make the process more confusing. You want a professional team who will work to make your practice thrive. That is where C & C Medical Administration Inc. comes in.

Our team has the experience and expertise to help you and your team succeed. We take medical billing off of your plate, allowing you to focus on what matters. Our solutions provide all the benefits that we mentioned above. Read on to learn more about what sets us apart as one of the top providers in the industry.

Only the most qualified professionals make up our team. We use our years of experience to handle every one of your claims. We work to ensure you get the highest reimbursements possible.  Additionally, we are here to provide support for your system. Our team will answer any questions you have, address any issues, and do everything needed to keep things operating smoothly.



Throughout the years, we’ve worked with all kinds of small and mid-sized practices. Our vast experience has allowed our team to build expertise and perfect their craft. So, we are prepared to serve you regardless of your practice’s specialty. We work with all physicians and healthcare organizations (besides chiropractors)

Throughout the years, we’ve worked with all kinds of small and mid-sized practices. Our vast experience has allowed our team to build expertise and perfect their craft. So, we are prepared to serve you regardless of your practice’s specialty. We work with all physicians and healthcare organizations (besides chiropractors)



We realize that no two practices are alike. You and your team have your way of running things. And, your patients have unique needs. That is why C & C Medical Administration Inc. offers customized services. We never use cookie-cutter solutions. Rather, our professionals take the time to get to know your practice. We work to understand how you work, what your biggest obstacles are, and how you best care for patients. Then, we use this info to offer catered solutions. With us, you’ll have everything you need to streamline your operations. 

To make things as easy as possible, we integrate systems such as billing, patient scheduling, and clearinghouses. This allows your staff to access everything in one suite. We also offer solutions that are compatible with your pre-existing systems. The office will get much-needed automation without your staff having to go through a big learning curve.

Our systems are very simple to use. We provide minimal training your staff needs to master the new suite.



We’re passionate about helping you improve your office’s medical billing. So, we prioritize affordability. You get access to premium medical billing outsourcing while staying within your budget.

When we submit claims on your behalf, you won’t have to wait long. Our process, on average, will have insurance companies reimbursing you within 7-14 days. This is one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. And, depending on the situation, it can be even quicker!  

Even though we work fast, we make sure we get it right the first time. 98% of our claim payments go through the first time, giving you access to a steady cash-flow. 

In the unlikely event that an insurance company denies one of our claims, we’re here for you! We manage the entire denial process to ensure you get the money you’re entitled to.



With us, your data is in good hands. We value security as much as you do, seeing how important it is to your practice’s integrity. Our team protects your business from irregularities and fraud.

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of a revenue cycle management company is increased profits.

At C & C Medical Administration Inc., we know how important this is to your practice’s success. This is why we do everything in our power to maximize your earnings. 

Our experts submit error-free claims while billing at the highest possible rate. With us, you’ll get the reimbursements you’re entitled to and keep your practice running smoothly. 



A comprehensive revenue cycle management solution is the logical next step for your business.

Outsource your medical billing with C & C Medical Administration Inc.! We’ve helped practices like yours streamline their operations, and we’re eager to help you grow your business.  

Get started by clicking the button below. We’re offering a free practice analysis and a 20-minute demo video. 

At C & C Medical Administration, Inc. , our solutions are effective and practical. Try one speak to a medical billing expert for free now