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EMRx Medical Records solutions

EMRx medical records solutions


The EMRx is one of the most professional and most reputable electronic medical record solutions available. The system is adept at responding to unique office workflow and presenting data on demand to improve patient care outcome.

With our EMRx offerings, you do not only get to implement customized solutions, you get to make valuable income from early adoption incentives. The EMRx also facilitates higher patient care quality and avails healthcare providers of more authority and assessment outcomes with improved holistic accuracy.

  • Simple solutions for complex workflows – EMRx was designed by physicians, and is fully customizable to match your workflow. From the appointment book to chart completion, e-prescription, and billing – there’s only a single screen to navigate.
  • Faster patient encounters – The EMRx system allows you to optimize your time to care for patients and spend lesser period on documentation. With the EMRx, you get to spend no more than 2 minutes on an average on patient documentation.
  • Implementation & Training – The EMRx has a customized implementation plan that enables users and customers to take a well-structured training without making any significant disruptions in the workflow if the office. This system allows you to train how you want and when you want.

Benefits of the EMRx

Restructured patient encounters
Access to valuable records at any point in time
e-prescribing features
Basic and comprehensive interface
In-built lab interface
HL&, HIPAA and CCHIT certifications

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