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C & C Medical Administration, Inc. is a specialized medical billing company that offers a diverse collection of expertise in areas of full medical billing from health insurance companies, medical coding, physician billing services and other professional services.

State Of The Art Medical Billing Software

Our medical billing software is A cloud base all-in-one, Practice management, billing system, patient scheduler and clearinghouse, in order to facilitate the entire process. At C & C Medical Administration, Inc. , we comprehend the importance of financial strength in our client’s businesses in terms of accurate billing and account management (Health insurance and account receivables), which is why we lend our wealth of experience and administration in Customized Reporting, Full Medical Billing Services, Electronic Medical Records to deliver optimal satisfaction through quality service to our customers. We constantly employ an expert consultative approach that provides all our customers with practical and personalized solutions that uphold a healthy financial practice in their individual business.

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Medical Billing Outsourcing Services

C & C Medical Administration, Inc. is a medical coding and physician billing company dedicated to work with legitimate and professional healthcare providers to generate outstanding results and comprehensive solutions for improving their revenue and billings. Our clients in return get to experience the satisfaction and confidence that accompanies consulting with a proven medical billing expert with a track record of excellence. Put that on the same page with our world-class service and ability to craft personalized billing solutions for clients. We are not a legal advice provider. (No Auto Insurance, No Chiropractics)

The Right Tools

Building and managing a successful medical practice can be a daunting task. Allow our medical billing and coding experts to support your business with professional billing tools to help you reach your targets.

Flexible and Streamlined

Our personalized and flexible billing solutions will streamline your billing needs to optimize and coordinate your business finances. Our professionals will bring their expertise to manage payments, inquiries and acquisitions within appropriate circumstances to deliver practical and functional solutions for your medical billing .

Competitive Advantage

Stay ahead of the competition by concentrating your efforts on what matters. Our skilled workforce will handle your billing and manage other important aspects like audit report, coding and credentialing and other relevant services important for your business.

Revenue surge

Take advantage of our effective medical billing services and medical coding services to increase your reimbursements while protecting your business from fraud and irregularities. Make more dollars per patient to generate improved revenue.


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