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C & C Medical Administration, Inc. is a specialized medical billing company that offers a diverse collection of expertise in areas of full medical billing from health insurance companies, medical coding, medical billing services and other professional services.

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There is no cookie-cutter solution when it comes to medical billing services. By giving you access to a team of medical billing specialists that understand your greatest challenges and obstacles, we’ll help you enhance your productivity and stay under budget. We’re not your average medical billing company and we’re not in it for the money. Our team is genuinely interested in helping you optimize your reimbursements. If you're ready to prevent burnouts by working with a complete Revenue Cycle Management Company, we want to hear from you.

Through customized medical billing solutions designed to fit your practice, you can get back on the path of expansion and growth. The modern healthcare organization needs a medical billing company that understands your practice. C & C Medical Administration, Inc. is a medical coding and physician billing company dedicated to work with legitimate and professional healthcare providers, to generate outstanding results and comprehensive solutions for improving their revenue and billings all over the USA including medical billing services in Las Vegas.

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At no additional cost, your system will be updated to ensure you always have access to a functioning solution you can depend on. Specialty Practices: We work with and help just about all types of healthcare organizations and practices except chiropractors. We are not a legal advice provider. (No Auto Insurance, No Chiropractic). Click the link above to watch a free 20-minute demo video, that illustrates how we will deliver outstanding results for your practice.

Our clients in return, get to experience the satisfaction and confidence, that accompanies consulting with a proven medical billing expert with a track record of excellence. Put that on the same page with our world-class service and ability to craft personalized billing solutions for clients. By combining a patient scheduler, billing solution, and clearinghouse, you have all the tools you need in one easy to use location.

Our Medical Billing Services:

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Will help you fine-tune your operations to minimize loss by optimizing the reimbursement process. Don’t fall into the trap of letting your independent practice manage billing on your own. Our medical billing and coding specialists, are ready to provide you with the professional billing tools you need to reach your targets.

Through billing solutions that start at the front desk, the entire patient journey will be optimized. How would you like to eliminate the phone chaos and better serve the patients in front of you?. Leave the time-consuming work to our medical billing services while you focus on doing what you do best, serving patients.

Are you constantly innovating and improving your process to stay ahead of the curve?  How do you plan on either achieving and maintaining your competitive edge?. Professional medical billing services give you the power to focus on what matters the most prevent medical burnout. Let our skilled team handle reimbursements, audit reports, coding, and other services important for your business. With the stress off your back, you can truly compete at a higher level. Increase reimbursements while protecting your business from fraud and irregularities. For you, that means more dollars per patient, enhanced revenue, streamlined efficiency, and faster patient care.


The Right Tools

Building and managing a successful medical practice can be a daunting task. Allow our medical billing and coding experts to support your business with professional billing tools to help you reach your targets. Just like a carpenter uses a specialized set of precision-based tools, so should your healthcare organization.

Flexible and Streamlined

Our personalized and flexible billing solutions will streamline your billing needs to optimize and coordinate your business finances. Our professionals will bring their expertise to manage payments, inquiries and acquisitions within appropriate circumstances to deliver practical and functional solutions for you. Streamlined medical billing solutions are critical to the successful flow of your operation.

Competitive Advantage

Stay ahead of the competition by concentrating your efforts on what matters. Our skilled workforce will handle your billing and manage other important aspects like audit report, coding, electronic health records (EHR) and other relevant services important for your business. electronic health records (EHR) Benefits of Electronic Health Records

Revenue surge

Take advantage of our effective Take advantage of our effective medical billing and coding services to increase your reimbursements while protecting your business from fraud and irregularities. Make more dollars per patient to generate improved revenue. How could your practice benefit from an increase in revenue? Now you have the power to leverage effective medical billing and coding services to stimulate new growth.

Innovation at a heartbeat | Effective and practical solutions

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Innovation is built into the core of C & C’s medical billing services. Considered our medical billing and medical coding services as a practical solution for guaranteed revenue maximization, improved cash flow, and enhanced customer/patient satisfaction. How would you like to earn more without spending thousands of dollars in upfront investment costs? Our services are both affordable and completely accessible to any independent or enterprise-level healthcare organization. Through the power of modern technology, we can help both new & established practices increase patient numbers, halt spiraling revenues, and eliminate medical billing related losses. No more declined claims and efficiency-related setbacks. C & C is here to help.

Increase Medical Revenue

Simplicity And Precision| Quick, Comprehensive And Accurate Payments

Letting C & C simplify your revenue cycle management process will bring your practice up to the speeds of 21st century outsourced medical billing services. Our in house team of medical billing experts have first-hand knowledge about how important simplicity and comprehension is to the reimbursement process. By focusing on transparency as well as functionality, our system offers you a set of features and benefits your practice can’t live without. Say goodbye to complex medical billing procedures and welcome in a simplified, reliable model that fits the needs of every professional. Leave the admin work to us. Your time is better spent with the family or following your passions. By streamlining your workflow, we will ensure that your claims are never rejected or denied due to a lack of proper documentation. Intuitive EHR/ EMR System: Our goal is to simplify your life, not complicate it with complex systems. With C&C, you’ll be able to get past the learning curve in a matter of hours, not days.

You Do What You Do Best While We Do What We Do Best| Worry Less And Get Paid With Our Medical Billing Service

At C & C, we believe that you should focus on doing what you do best. By leading with the vision of creating a medical billing system that eliminates complicated admin work and tedious data entry tasks, you can enjoy more freedom to serve patients better. Our services were designed to quickly recover outstanding claims and improve your reimbursement process. If lowering your operational costs, increasing revenue, and blocking pipelines from revenue leakage sounds like what you need, don’t hesitate to contact our team today. We believe in utilizing technology to its fullest potential. By leveraging our sophisticated billing. Cloud-based System: Have access to a powerful system from wherever you are in the world. That means you don’t have to be in the office to check the status of your claims and reimbursements assistance, we’ll get started on helping you focus on doing what you do best. As a healthcare professional, you probably are dealing with a million and one things on a daily basis. Medical billing is only one aspect of a complex system that needs to be managed. Take a look below to see some of the reasons why you need our medical billing services

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