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Get Paid Faster (7- 14 Days)
2% Rejection Rate
Free EHR
Stop Coding Mistakes
ICD-10, HIPAA, MU Certified
Save Time and Money
Integrated Clearing House
Denial Management
Guarantee Against Audits



We Do Medical Billing and Management for Small and Midsize Muti-Specialty Practices.

We are not a legal advice provider.

No Auto Insurance, No Chiropractics.

  • Every physician and healthcare provider deserves to be paid and deserves to receive full comprehensive reports on paid claims from health insurance companies. The our iClaim system effortlessly avails our customers of a smooth integration feature with billing, scheduling, eligibility, insurance as well as a comprehensive report system. With the C & C Medical billing service and iClaim solutions you get to:
  • Enjoy real time access – Our iClaim services and medical billing services is internet-based. This means you have unrivalled information and access to your data from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our iClaim system allows real-time access that allows customers explore every part of their billing, denials, coding, charges, statements and much more anytime, anywhere. Improved reporting to make smarter decisions With our iClaim, customers get access to hundreds of reports on the go and with a simple touch of the button. This service opens up data to you anytime you need it, thus indulging you with the ability to consult, keep your practice at your fingertips and make better decisions for your business at any point in time.
  • Faster claim payments – Our reputation guarantees that our claims are always paid on first attempts. The system also guarantees a faster fund payment and our iClaim billing service has one of the highest acceptance rate in the business thus leaving you with little or no unpaid claims.
  • At C & C Medical Administration, Inc. , our solutions are effective and practical. Try one of our medical billing services today and speak to a medical billing expert for free now

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